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Our Customers

Three years ago, I bought a foot scanner from Ferdowsi Payafnavaran Company and I am very satisfied. They have excellent support and services and I thank them.

Mohammad Esfandiari

Nikan Amol Orthosis clinic

Excellent software, great support. Whenever a problem occurs, it is fixed in less than ten minutes after contacting Payatek support. The software is very simple and anyone can learn it in less than an hour.

Fatemeh Beigi

Fine Qom Orthopedic Clinic

It has been four years since I got the scanner from Payafanavaran Company. During this period, there was no particular technical problem and I am completely satisfied. The quality of software and hardware together has been so high that I recommend this device to all my colleagues. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

Hamid Pazham

Pazham Tehran Orthopedic clinic

I am very happy to choose Payatek for the foot pressure scanner. The device worked really well and did not bother me. Also, the support has been exemplary great from the beginning..

Maryam Kalhori

Sepidar Tehran Orthopedic Center

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