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دستگاه اسکن کف پا,foot scanner

Foot pressure scanner is a device for recording and analyzing the distribution of the sole pressure, recording accurate information about standing, stepping and maintaining balance.

Foot Pressure Scanner
اسکنر سه بعدی کف پا و , 3d plantar scanner

3D plantar scanner is a laser curtain based scanner that offers a three-dimensional model of plantar & measuring the exact dimensions of the longitudinal and transverse arches.

3D Plantar Scanner
نرم افزار طراحی کفی طبی | پایاتک |پایا فناوران فردوسی

Medical insole design software has been introduced with the aim of simplifying medical insole design, providing specialized tools and accelerating the process of insole design and online insole order network.

PT-Insole Design
اسکنر سه بعدی بدن پایاتک

3D body scanner is measuring size changes and monitors the body composition during an exercise or diet program. Accurate measurement of muscle mass, body water, body fat and so on.

3D Body Scanner
دستگاه آنالیز گیت | پایاتک |پایا فناوران فردوسی,Gait Analysis, Payatek

foot pressure platform along the gait provides accurate numerical and statistical information of stance and swing phases.Exact measuring of COP, gait cycle time, step width, stride length and etc.

Gait Analyzer
اسکنر سه بعدی پا | پایاتک |پایا فناوران فردوسی, foot scanner 3d

3D Foot Scanner is a laser curtain-based scanner that quickly delivers high-resolution 3D foot models. Automatically measure the dimensions and angles in any desired area.

3D Foot Scanner
پایاتک | دستگاه تراش کفی طبی | پایا فناوران فردوسی

The insole lathe machine is a three-axis CNC machine adapted for making medical insoles and for clinical use.

دستگاه آنالیز ناهنجاریهای قامتی | پایاتک | پایا فناوران فردوسی, Posture Analyzer

Postural analyzer is used to evaluate and analyze the abnormalities of human skeletal system.Using photogrammetric technology, evaluates the asymmetries in human body and the axis deviations.

Posture Analyzer
اسکنر دو بعدی پا

PT-2D PLANTAR employs optical technology to capture a two-dimensional image of the foot. The device provides a visual representation of the plantar area and simulates foot pressure.

پایاتک | پایا فناوران فردوسی

Body Pressure Monitoring System (BPMS) is a thin mattress that is placed on a bed or chair to analyze the pressure exerted by the body on its surface.


payatek products are suitable for:

Comprehensive analysis of body composition and health, examination of size changes and the effectiveness of diets are provided by accurate three-dimensional scans of the body. The goal is to determine the best weight management strategy to prevent injury.

3D Body scanning and analysis of an athlete’s posture includes objective information on sizes and volumes, body health indicators and changes. In sports, continuous improvement is an important principle.

Analysis of foot health, gait, skeletal system and accurate modeling using technological equipment, provides objective and quantitative data that helps professionals to make the most practical and accurate orthoses.

Evaluating the treatment process and the effectiveness of the treatment plan, using the equipment that most easily assesses the patient’s gait and skeletal system, provides the highest level of patient support.

A specialized treatment plan is made possible by accurately diagnosing the structural or compressive differences between the left and right legs and the lower limbs. The goal is to improve strength, balance, weight bearing and accurate recognition of asymmetries.

Our Customers comments

I see PayaTek professional team as very capable, progressive and agile. The 3D foot scanner is of high quality and the support of Payatek is excellent. Payatek is more famous than others.

Sara Alavi

Bartar Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Ahvaz

Data analysis of high-reliability PayaTek devices has enabled us to provide best diagnosis and services. My main reason for buying from Payatek is to be well-known, well-established and reliable.

Bahareh Akhlaghi

Peykareh Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Mashhad

We have been cooperating with PayaTek since 2014. PayaTek devices provide us with comprehensive and accurate information. The high quality of the products and the proper support of the devices caused us to refer to PayaTek to equip our other clinics.

Marzieh Akbari

Aramis Teb Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Tehran

I had the experience of using devices with different brands. PayaTek has a higher efficiency than other foreign and Iranian brands. Excellent quality and comprehensive support should not be overlooked. We use more than 7 types of PayaTek products in our clinics. Thanks to PayaTek for their excellent products.

Mohammad Moosavi

Hakim Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Tehran

PayaTek is a young, creative and energetic company with excellent and satisfactory product quality. The devices are very easy to use and the support of PayaTek is very strong and desirable. My colleagues and I plan to buy other products from PayaTek in the future.

Ablfazl Toozandejani

Afratan Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Mashhad

After much review and comparison of foot pressure scanner reports, we came to the conclusion that PayaTek’s product is very advanced and reliable

Ali Dabaghian

Baztavan Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Gorgan

I have been cooperating with Payatek since 2015. I am satisfied with the quality of the products and the device has not had any problems so far. We are satisfied with the use of the device in research.

Mohammad Sedaghat

Tavan Mehr Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Amol

محمد صلاحی

PayaTek is a reputable company in the field of scanning equipment. Software and hardware compatibility has been excellent. The first reason I bought from Payatek is strong support, good quality and assurance of correct information.

Mohammad Salahi

Parvaz Technical Orthopedic Clinic – Mashhad

Three years ago, I bought a foot scanner from Ferdowsi Payafnavaran Company and I am very satisfied. They have excellent support and services and I thank them.

Mohammad Esfandiari

Nikan Orthosis clinic – Amol

فاطمه بیگی

Excellent software, great support. Whenever a problem occurs, it is fixed in less than ten minutes after contacting Payatek support. The software is very simple and anyone can learn it in less than an hour.

Fatemeh Beigi

 Fine Orthopedic Clinic – Qom 

حمید پژم

It has been four years since I got the scanner from Payafanavaran Company. During this period, there was no particular technical problem and I am completely satisfied. The quality of software and hardware together has been so high that I recommend this device to all my colleagues. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

Hamid Pazham

Pazham Orthopedic clinic – Tehran

I am very happy to choose Payatek for the foot pressure scanner. The device worked really well and did not bother me. Also, the support has been exemplary great from the beginning..

Maryam Kalhori

Sepidar Orthopedic Center – Tehran 

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