About Payatek

Payafanavaran Ferdowsi (private held company) is the main manufacturer of musculoskeletal assessment products like foot pressure scanner, body posture analyzer, 3D foot scanner, 3D body scanner and medical insole design software in Iran.

Payatek Products

Payatek is the first manufacturer of foot pressure scanners in the country and for many years it was the only manufacturer of this product, as it is currently the only manufacturer with a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and this is the first goal achieved in It was our path.


In order to achieve this goal, Payatek Company was able to design, produce and market products for the first time in Iran by employing university-trained experts in the fields of electricity, computer, mechanics and medical engineering.


Then, in 2016, we started the research and development process to produce 3D foot scanners by examining the market needs, and so far, by presenting this product to the market, we have again won the title of the only manufacturer of 3D foot scanners.


PayaTek Deployment

After that, Payatek expanded and strengthened its R&D team, production, support and administration, and was able to market various hardware and software products in the fields of technical orthopedics, physiotherapy, corrective movements, sports physiology and occupational therapy, and played an important role in Improve the quality of medical services in this area.

Our Honors

Our mission is “To apply technology to improve quality of medical services“ and to meet this mission we offer the market a high quality biomechanical product portfolio to improve the diseases diagnosis and patients treatment. Our product development policy is based on deriving the customer’s needs and utilization of various professional groups such as orthopedists, orthopedic technicians, physical therapists, diabetic specialist, sports medicine specialists etc.


The achievement of international quality standards (IEC60601-1 and ISO13485) and Ministry of Health and Medical Education license have made the PayaTak products of the highest quality in the market. Along with quality, commitment to warranty and support have been the reason for the highest customer satisfaction in comparison to other companies.

Payatek Products

Meet our team

Peyman Amel Zendehdel

Board Member |

R&D Manager

Sajjad Rahmanpour

Co-founder | Board Member

Sajjad Ramezanian

Co-founder | Board Member


Mohammad Reza Nezhad

Production Manager

ایمان ابراهیم پور
Iman Ebrahimpoor

Support Manager

Atena Akbari

Financial Manager

Saleh Molaei

Sales & Marketing Manager


مهران جلائیان
Mehran Jalaeian

R&D Expert

Faeze Elah Abadi

R&D Expert

Vahid Hosseinian

Production Expert

مهندس الهه امیدخدا
Elahe OmidKhoda

R&D Expert

مهندس ساجده میرزایی
Sajede Mirzaei

R&D expert

Vahideh Charm Forooshan

Sales & Marketing Expert

مهندس محمد ایزدی
Mohammad Izadi

Inventory control expert

مهدیه دربندی
Mahdieh Darbandi

Accountant expert

Bahar Mortazi

R&D expert

Mehdi Khosravi

Production expert

Zahra Dahmarde

Accountant expert

پوریا ابراهیمی
Poorya Ebrahimi

R&D expert

S. Mohammad Reza Jafari

Electronic expert

Saeed Amel Zendedel

Production expert

Soroosh Amel Zendedel

R&D expert

Mohammad Kasmaei

Production expert

Fatemeh Naseri

R&D expert

Mitra Nodehi

R&D expert

Moein Khazaei

Support expert

Kiarash Doorandish

R&D expert

Mahmood Navidi

Mechanic expert

Yoones Aref

Graphic Designer

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